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About Us

Billy Turner owned a small trucking company. One of his trucks showed up at his terminal and it had a set of dual wheels missing from the trailer. When the driver was questioned about it, he had no idea when and where he had lost them. This was extremely alarming.


About a year prior to this happening, a truck with another company lost a set of dual wheels and tires off of his trailer, which crossed the center median striking a Jeep, causing 2 teenage fatalities and injuring 2 others. The parents of the teens were following behind and witnessed the accident. This accident occurred just a few miles from Billy’s terminal on I-40 close to Weatherford, Oklahoma.


After hearing of this horrible accident and losing a set off of one of his own trailers, he immediately went to work looking for a solution to fix this problem, only to find there were no solutions out there.


Billy knew that this was a problem that needed to be solved. So, he went to work developing his own system. This was the beginning of what is now known as the Tethertech safety system.

Billy Turner (right), explains the benefits of the TetherTech system to Congressman Frank Lucas (left). The TetherTech team is working diligently to inform our legislators of the positive effects this device can have on the safety of those on the road.

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